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How to print great PANTONE colours digitally

How to print great PANTONE colours digitally

Printing PANTONE colours digitally can at times produce interesting results, especially when choosing a bright royal PANTONE blue which you’ll quickly find prints dull on a digital printer. Why?


How to Use Styles to Simplify Formatting in Microsoft Word

When working with a large document it is time consuming to format every heading, subheading, quote and paragraph individually. Using Styles you can instantly change the look with one click.


How to Mail Merge in Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign

Mail merge, or data merge (InDesign), is an easy way to automate adding unique information into a document. For example, names and addresses into form letters or mailing labels.

In this blog post, we'll explain how to do this in MS Word and Adobe InDesign.


5 Simple tricks to create professional looking documents in Microsoft Word

In this blog post, we look at simple ways in Microsoft Word to create professional looking documents.

First up: Font, Paragraph and Line Spacing.


What exactly is composite overprint?

Transparencies not printing?

Recently I have sent a few jobs to print and noticed the transparencies were not printing properly. Stuart, our printing guru, told me composite overprint was not checked on the print driver.

So, what exactly is composite overprint?



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