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Transparency Overprint - What is it?

Transparencies not printing?

Recently I have sent a few jobs to print and noticed the transparencies were not printing properly. Stuart, our printing guru, told me composite overprint was not checked on the print driver.

So, what exactly is composite overprint? First a little background.

At RBC Hobart we work with digital printers. Our bureau operates a Ricoh digital production printer using CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) toner. So in printing any image or document, the printer uses a combination of these 4 toners.

The issue I encountered was caused when my document lost graphics with transparencies or layers during the print process. Stuart fixed this by using the ‘composite overprint’ option in the print driver. This setting tells the printer to process the overlaid graphics as one, flattening the layers and calculating how the colours should interact.

For most production printers you can find this option in your print settings. Try looking in the colour settings section.