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Ricoh has a long and proud history of promoting environmental sustainability

Environmental Management is one of Ricoh Australia’s highest corporate priorities and Ricoh aims to continually adapt processes and practices to reduce, reuse and recycle all Ricoh trade waste. Energy Star has recognised Ricoh as International ‘Partner of the Year’ four times, as a result of its commitment to providing energy saving products. Ricoh staff understand the complex relationship between environmental sustainability and operational performance and efficiency, and will work with you closely to attain this collective goal. Learn more about Ricoh Global's Environmental Policies and Initiatives.

The Ricoh philosophy is actively promoted, supported and pursued by all branches and dealerships world-wide, including in Tasmania. RBC Hobart pursues an active environmental policy.

Ricoh Australia becomes first Australian IT services company to achieve carbon-neutral status

Ricoh, a leading provider of smart workplace technology, has announced that its Australian business operations are now carbon neutral with the company also becoming the first Australian IT services company to achieve this accolade.


Consumables Recycling Program

This is a free program designed to be used by our customers to deal with the waste produced once our toner cartridges and parts have been spent. By using Ricoh’s Consumables Recycling Program our customers can be assured that toner cartridges, toner bottles, waste toner containers, photoconductor units, fuser units, maintenance kits and other consumable products used and returned will be recycled, achieving a recycling ratio of 98%.

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@Remote enables you to track paper and power consumption. You can even see how much money you saved by printing duplex and adjusting energy saver modes on your Ricoh device. You can also see how many trees you save! Learn more about @Remote

Office Equipment Health & Safety

Comcare, under the auspices of the Australian Government, has prepared comprehensive advice on health and safety in office environments, and this is available for download.