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How to configure email addresses so you can scan to email?

Wanting to scan to email is a very common request from customers. Customers want to know how to save their email addresses so they appear as tiles in the scan screen. Here is a step by step process of how I guide them through adding their email addresses (either over the phone or in person).

  1. Press the button on the side of your photocopier panel labeled ‘User Tools/Counter’. This will bring you to the User Tools screen. Press [System Settings].

    On the operation panel of the device, press the [User Tools/Counter] key.
  2. This will bring you to the System Settings page. There are a number of tabs across the top of this screen. Press the tab right up the end that is named [Administrator Tools].
    Press [System Settings].
  3. On the [Administrator Tools] tab, press [Address Book Management].
    On the [Administrator Tools] tab, press [Address Book Management].

  4. Press [New Program].
    Press [New Program].
  5. On this page, you can add a new email address, fax number, set up a user code or add a folder. The first thing to do is add your name. Click the button that says [change] under the blue box next to [name]. This will allow you to enter your name using a small keyboard on the panel. Once your name is in, press [ok]. When you have returned to this screen, press [E-mail].
    Enter the name you want to add the new user code under. Press [Change].
  6. This page directs you to add your email address. When you press the button [change] the small keyboard on the screen will be displayed and you can type your email in. Press [ok], and then press [ok] again.
    Enter the name, and then press [OK].
  7. This will bring you back to the original Address book management screen. You will see your entry has now created a tile. Press [Exit], and then [Exit] again to bring you back to your normal copy screen. The tile you created will now appear on the scan screen. You’re all set to scan to email.
    [Key Display] is automatically set to the same as [Name]

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