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How to download and install a driver?

To install a driver for your device, follow these steps:

  1. First, click here to download the driver you want to install
    Make sure that you download the correct version for your operating system. Expand the file if it is compressed, and save it in a temporary directory to access later.

  2. Click [Add a printer] to activate the [Add a printer] Wizard.

    How to install a print driver - step two

  3. Click [Add a local printer].

    Step three

  4. Click [Create a new port], click [Standard TCP/IP Port] in the "Type of port" list, and then click [Next].

    Step four

  5. Type your device's IP address in the "Hostname or IP address" box, and then uncheck "Query the printer and automatically select the driver to use", and then click [Next].
    Here, "" has been entered as an example.

    Step five

  6. Detecting TCP/IP port screen and Detecting the driver model screen are displayed.

    Step 6

    Once the TCP/IP port is found, the printer driver install screen appears.

  7. On the printer driver install screen, click [Have Disk].

    Step 7

    Note: To use a pre-installed Windows Vista driver, click [Ricoh] in the "Manufacturers" box, click the desired driver in the "Printers" box, and move on to step 14.

  8. Click [Browse].

    Step 8

  9. Specify the driver folder you saved earlier in step 1.
    Here, we are using a folder "r22770en" as an example.

    Step 9

  10. Confirm that "disk1" is displayed in the "Look in" box and the ".INF" file is selected in file name, and then click [Open].

    Step 10

  11. Confirm that the folder located in the above step is shown in the "Copy manufacturer's files from" box, and then click [OK].

    Step 11

  12. Click on your device in the "Printers" box, and then click [Next].

    Step 12

  13. Enter a printer name, and click [Set as the default printer] if you want the device to be your default printer once it is installed. Then, click [Next].

    Step 13

  14. The driver file is installed.
  15. If a user account access rights warning appears during the installation, click [Continue].
  16. If a Windows security warning appears during the installation, click [Install this software].

    Step 14

  17. Click [Print a test page] if you want to print a test page, and then click [Finish] once you are done.

    Step 15

  18. Note: If you click [Print a test page], the following window will be displayed.

    Step 16

  19. Confirm that a new printer icon has been added to your Printers list.

    Step 17

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