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Transform paper documents into electronic files with ease

Increase business efficiency and source information quickly using Ricoh’s partner program ESA TransFormer. When added to your multifunction device, scanned documents can be easily converted into soft copy documents in one easy step.

Features and Benefits:

No longer do you need expensive software licenses that restrict formatting, with ESA TransFormer you can transform your hard copy documents into Excel, Word, Power Point or searchable PDF documents.
ESA Transformer is simple to use, your scanned documents are sent directly to your preferred network folder or email address. While the built in address book on your multifunction device allows frequently used destinations to become available at the touch of a button.

Innovation that benefits you

At Ricoh, we are constantly striving for advancement through innovation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that support schools, businesses, large corporations and government organisations.

It is our goal to meet and expand on the needs of each and every user. We achieve this by providing up-to-date industry solutions, onsite customer training and support as well as consultancy and managed document services.