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@Remote Fleet Management

Understanding your appliances means understanding your business

Irrespective of your company’s size, you can manage your equipment efficiently and automatically in order to optimise device usage and improve your green footprint.

@Remote maximising the reliability of your equipment, it automatically collects device-data and meter readings, receives and reports service requests and toner alerts, and enables valuable firmware updates. Furthermore the secure, web based reporting portal transforms collected data into intelligent reports that can improve your companies usage and efficiency.

Features and Benefits:

@Remote provides automatic and accurate meter readings and billing, eliminating the need for timely manual collections. It also reports all usage information, service requirements and toner requests.

@Remote gives a detailed overview of where and how printer supplies are being consumed, allowing companies to optimise efficiency and reduce costs.

The Embedded Remote Communication Gate is ideal for smaller businesses looking to simplify the management of their print fleet.

The External Remote Communication Gate manages complex business requirements for upto 1,000 network devices.

All usage reporting from the device fleet is accessible remotely from a secure website.

@Remote provides accurate green reports that can track performance from an environmental perspective, making it easier to visualise power usage and paper consumption.

Innovation that benefits you

At Ricoh, we are constantly striving for advancement through innovation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services and solutions that support schools, businesses, large corporations and government organisations.

It is our goal to meet and expand on the needs of each and every user. We achieve this by providing up-to-date industry solutions, onsite customer training and support as well as consultancy and managed document services.